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  ProOpticus Celebrates 20th Anniversary

CHICAGO, June 10, 2014 – Prime Analytics LLC, the makers of ProOpticus, celebrates its 20th year of providing world-class software solutions to professional derivatives traders, risk managers, and the greater futures industry. Executive Managing Director John P. Kelley said of the occasion, “We are very proud to have served the futures industry for two decades. When we started in 1994, nobody knew how the industry would look today. The one constant for us, which we have always used to navigate this dynamic market, has been our resolve to provide innovative and timely solutions to our customers. We carry that focus forward, and are excited about what’s in store for ProOpticus in this next decade.” For Joe Campbell, Executive Managing Director and Senior Quantitative Analyst, the 20-year anniversary has provided a moment of reflection. “We're a company of individuals who have survived by our virtues; we've done our best to keep up with the ever-changing demands and desires of our customers and the constantly changing environment of our marketplace. We provide our customers with a sound product and competent, timely support. We have thrived and flourished, in direct proportion to the extent that we've acted on these virtues. And while our 20-year anniversary is certainly something to be proud of, we use the milestone to look forward, as we prepare the next generation of ProOpticus.”

Company History

Prime Analytics, LLC began in 1994 when John P. Kelley, a Chicago Board of Trade member and executing floor broker in the United States Treasury options complex, identified a need for a sophisticated options analytics tool. He would often assist his clients in evaluating strategies across the yield curve and found that existing options software lacked the capability to provide risk measurement and management in a meaningful way for these more complex option portfolios. In particular, the existing software did not provide the functionality for performing stress tests and "what if" analysis across correlated product groups; essential tools needed to make informed trading decisions.

Mr. Kelley was introduced to Joseph Campbell to whom his product concepts were presented. Due to Mr. Campbell's work at the University of Arizona in the fields of mathematics and economics, the two concluded that the skill set Mr. Campbell possessed was an important step toward bringing Mr. Kelley's concept to fruition. To complete the team, Mr. Campbell recommended former associate and Assistant Director of the Economic Science Laboratory at the University of Arizona, Shawn LaMaster, to serve as senior developer on the project.

With all three founders still actively engaged in the business, Prime Analytics has continued to expand the product offering and is as innovative and driven as the members of the professional derivatives community it serves.


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