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Founders of Prime Analytics

John P. Kelley, Executive Managing Director
As an Associate Member of the Chicago Board of Trade, John Kelley has over twenty years experience as an executing floor broker in the 30-year U.S. Government Bond Options. Clients include large institutional investors, professional traders, market makers and commodity trading advisors. As a founding member of Prime Analytics, Mr.Kelley's insight to the needs of the trader and execution teams has been instrumental in the design of ProOpticus, and through his continuous efforts, has developed Prime Analytics into a successful company.

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Shawn LaMaster, Founding Member
As Prime Analytics' Systems Analyst, Shawn LaMaster was a founding board member of Cybernomics, Inc. an independent economic consulting corporation which brought together the expertise of internationally recognized academic research economists and consultants specializing in the design and implementation of automated and "smart" computer assisted markets. Through Cybernomics, Mr. LaMaster provided consulting in the areas of software development for research and teaching in economics and finance around the world. As a founding member and managing partner of Prime Analytics, Mr. LaMaster manages the team development of ProOpticus using object-oriented and client/server software techniques in the C++ programming language. Mr. LaMaster graduated from the University of Arizona in 1985 with a degree in Economics and a minor in Computer Science/Math.

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Joseph Campbell, Executive Managing Director, and Senior Quantitative Analyst
As a Founding and Managing Partner of the LLC, Joseph Campbell is Prime Analytics' Quantitative Analyst and Financial Engineer. Mr. Campbell, with degrees in Economics and Finance from the University of Arizona, is the conduit that brings the traders' concepts and ideas to life through our development team. Mr. Campbell also leads our sales and technical support team through the Chicago office.

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The ProOpticus Team

Jack Coyle, Senior Client Strategist
A former client, Jack Coyle joined the firm in 1999. He has worked in the derivatives industry since 1993, starting in the Interest Rate option pits at the CBOT for O'Conner & Associates and then in the Index option pits for Stafford Trading. Mr Coyle graduated from DePaul University in 1992 with degrees in Finance and Accounting.

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Tim Coyne, Senior Technical Analyst
Tim Coyne received a Bachelor of Science in Management in May, 1995 from Seton Hall University. Mr. Coyne has worked as a trader in both New York and Chicago before starting with Prime in September of 2006 and provides first line tech support.

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Dave Zurkowski, Senior Client Strategist
Dave Zurkowski joined Prime Analytics in 2007 after a seventeen year trading career that began at O'Connor and Associates from 1989-1995. Dave moved to Nationsbank in 1995 and became a Vice-President of Interest Rate Trading. In 2000, Mr. Zurkowski entered the energy business with Williams Energy of Tulsa, Oklahoma as a Manager of Power Trading in both Cinergy and the Western Hubs. Most recently, he traded Natural Gas, Crude Oil and Power Options for Ritchie Capital in Geneva, Illinois. Dave was a customer of Prime Analytics for ten years before joining the firm. He graduated from DePaul University in 1985 with an Accounting Degree and is also a CPA.

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Chris Mayer, Senior Technical Analyst
Chris Mayer came to Prime Analytics from Sears Holdings Corp where he was a system developer and support specialist in their IT department. Prior to that, Chris spent four years trading/clerking in the futures markets at the CBOT following the completion of his undergrad degree from Penn State University in 1997. Chris completed his MBA from DePaul University in June of 2007.

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Matthew Cupp, Senior Technical Analyst
Matthew Cupp graduated from North Central College in Naperville, IL with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting in June of 2008. He joined Prime Analytics in August of 2008 and currently provides first line technical support.

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Stephen Vasey, Senior Technical Analyst
Stephen Vasey received a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Illinois State University in 1996. Stephen joined Prime Analytics in Nov 2008 after a seven-year trading career at Stafford trading. Stephen was involved in Interest Rate trading from 1999-2006, from both a trading desk and the 10-year option pit. Mr. Vasey was a client of ProOpticus for the duration of his trading career.

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Jameson Jordan, Senior Technical Analyst
Jameson joined Prime Analytics in March 2008. He graduated from North Central College in Naperville, IL in June of 2008 with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. He provides technical support for ProOpticus trading clients.

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Owen Mondo, Senior Technical Analyst
Owen graduated with a BS in Economics from Illinois State University in 2009. He recently worked as an Account Manager in a Chicago based technology group. Owen joined Prime Analytics as a Technical Analyst, assisting ProOpticus trading clients.

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